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Knoxgen generator has ease of use, with an easy electric key start that uses electronic ignition to get it going Knoxgen generator features a circuit breaker, voltage meter, and fuel gauge, and a shutdown system that responds to low oil levels. While this last might still result in interrupted power delivery, it is intended to preserve the long life of the engine rather than leave it to run and damage itself while running on dangerously low oil. Kipor generator has a large fuel tank that can run continuously for many hours, which is comfortable enough for an average outage. As a backup generator it’s even better and very reliable should you need it. In addition, the Kipor generator is the most economical in terms of fuel consumption. Kipor silent generators deliver a rather reasonably low amount of noise which makes it suitable for those with congested/limited space. Kipor is designed to provide clean power in an efficient manner. It’s also considerably stable, which should be a comfort to those buying it as their main generator for various uses.

Knoxgen Generator 4.5Kw/7250

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